Houston Texans: What's Up With Lamar Miller?Doug Martin Jersey I tell you what — after initial dust from the legal tampering period has settled, the Houston Texans have literally cleaned up! I've got to tell you,Ezekiel Elliott Jersey I haven't seen this team as aggressive as they have been in quite some time. It makes me proud to know that they still give a damn about what the fans want.Mike Evans Jersey I know they listen to what we have to say; but, all in all,Laremy Tunsil Jersey they feel that they know what's best for the team. Having a decent quarterback has been a problem for quite a spell; and,Mark Ingram Jersey let's face it, there's no way an NFL team can be successful if the quarterback play isn't there The Texans seemed to ignore the problem over the years,Carson Wentz Jersey building up the team in other positions. Now that the core and support roles have been attached to the foundation,Darrelle Revis Jersey the problem of not having a skilled signal-caller continued to glare. It was even more so when the Texans were severely routed by the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 1 and the embarrassing,Jason Witten Jersey bone-crunching 32-0 AFC Wild Card Game loss after an incredible 9-7 finish to the regular season. But hopefully that problem was solved with the Texans signing Brock Osweiler to a four-year,Aaron Rodgers Jersey $72 million deal just a few weeks ago. Yes,Ryan Tannehill Jersey it has come abruptly to an end, just as quickly as his 2015 campaign did, when he injured his Achilles tendon late in the game in that forgettable 44-26 blowout loss to the Miami Dolphins. When I saw that happen to him, I had a feeling in my heart that it was the end for Foster. I had hoped that maybe the Texans could cut him and then re-sign him to a cheaper deal but this isn't some after school special, it's real life and there's no in hell that Foster would accept something like that.As far as he's concerned, he feels that he's owed the money that's due to him-$8